About Us

Our Mission

MOVE: The Initiative was created for dancers to explore and develop their artistry. We strive to create a safe and welcoming environment:


  • where every dancer is noticed
  • that instills unity in our community
  • that focuses on the processes and development of the art of dance
  • where dancers can feel at ease stepping outside of their comfort zones
  • that allows for self development and personal growth
  • where dancers feel that they are in a non competitive setting





 Community Outreach Summer 2017

thank you to all who donated!


About MOVE

MOVE: The Initiative was created by Rhode Island natives and longtime friends Rory Freeman and Kaitlyn Salisbury. They want dancers to have the confidence to indulge in the creative atmosphere while working on their technique and instilling their passion.

Faculty members have graduated from some of the most prestigious dance colleges and universities and have worked professionally across the country and around the world. They have years of experience and are always eager to share their knowledge with the younger community of dancers.